Using BIGDYE on the MegaBACE 1000

Laurence Hall hall at RUBICONGENOMICS.com
Thu Mar 14 12:23:14 EST 2002

Dear Monette,

not only will you need fresh mobility correction files etc. you will
also need special filters to collect the light because the ET terminator
dyes are not the same and do not emit at the same wave lengths as Big
dye terminators; I believe these are available from Amersham although
are very costly !!

I too use a Megabace 1000 and have considered the same experiment. I
have yet to do it, but as part of my research I contacted persons at
'Genome Therapeutics' who have quite a number of Megabace 1000's and
have made the switch to Big dye 3.0 by virtue of incorporating the above
filter etc etc.

In essence, they in formed me that there are some spacing issues with
the Big dye sequences but these are nominal and do not fundamentally
affect data quality. In addition, I here that the sensitivity is better
with 3.0 big dyes vis-=E0-vis ET 2.0 terminators.

For information contact someone called Erik Gustafson at 'genome
therapeutics'. His e-mail address is : erik.gustafson at genomecorp.com.
Tell him that Laurence Hall from Rubicon Genomics referred you.

Hope this helps Monette,

Best wishes,

Laurence Hall

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