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Laurence Hall hall at RUBICONGENOMICS.com
Fri Mar 8 19:06:54 EST 2002

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express an interest in obtaining a laboratory based
position involving comparative Genomics ; In particular, I am interested
in divesting some of my efforts towards genotyping, micro arrays and SNP
detection in addition to my current sequencing efforts, as described

I am currently employed by Rubicon Genomics, based in Ann Arbor,
Michigan. My responsibilities include management of the sequencing
operations, based on ET dye terminators and the Megabace 1000 automated
sequencing platform.In addition, I am partly responsible for down stream
sequence assembly using Sequencher 4.0 and upstream template
preparation, utilising a proprietary technology called Omniplex; The
latter is an alternative to shotgun cloning and multiplex PCR and
enables production and sequencing of single species from an initial
mixed genomic population.

Prior to Rubicon, I was employed at the Einstein genome center based in
New York : The remit of this facility was to sequence  a region of the
mouse genome as a member of the public genome consortia. Sequencing
efforts were based around 4 x 3700 which were run 7 days a week 22 hours
per day; troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of these 3700's was
my principal responsibility. In addition, I assisted in development and
troubleshooting of cycle sequencing strategies, culminating in better
quality random reads for draught assembly and more effective navigation
of difficult sequence motifs vis-=E0-vis directed gap filling.

For a number of years prior to obtaining employment in the US I
established and ran a DNA sequencing core facility, based on 2 x AB
prism 377 sequencers.

In summary, I have extensive experience of automated sequencing
platforms, viz. AB 377, AB 3700, Licor 4200, Megabace 1000; preliminary
experience with the AB 3100; extensive experience with regard to
improving and troubleshooting cycle sequencing chemistries, viz. Big dye
1.0 & 2.0, Rhodamine dye primer, ET 1.0 & 2.0. In addition I have 5
years experience pertaining to general molecular biology techniques, as
specified in my resume.

My sequencing efforts have afforded a number of opportunities to speak
and present at conferences, publish with PE biosystems and have even
resulted in data being presented on BBC television.

I would be happy to here from interested parties by phone or e-mail;
Subsequently I would forward such persons a complete job history in the
form of a detailed resume.

I look forward to your response.


Laurence S. Hall

Laurence S Hall
Senior Research Associate
Rubicon Genomics
Suite G
4370 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor
MI 48108

Tel. : (00) 1 734 677 2793

Cell : (00) 1 734 717 5140

Fax : (00) 1 734 477 9902/3

EMail : hall at rubicongenomics.com

           lhall48108 at yahoo.com


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