Diluting DYEnamic ET Terminator Cycle Seq for use in MegaBase

Bruce A.Roe broe at ou.edu
Thu Mar 7 09:44:12 EST 2002

Tom, et al.

We could reduce the volumes by 1/4th as described on our web site at URL:

but were not that successfull with going any further.  However, I recall
because Amersham's price was ~1/4th that of ABI's kits, the 1/4 reduction

in volume used made both competitive since we were using 1/16th of the
BigDye Version 1.

If folks have not seen it yet, we now are at 1:20 routinely with ABI's
Dye Version 3 and the protocol we are using is at URL:

I've also updated several other protocols that can be accessed from our
page at URL:


Tom wrote:

> Has anyone determined whether the DYEnamic ET Terminator Cycle Seq can
> be diluted for use in MegaBase instruments?  I'm thinking about the
> DYEnamic ET Terminator Dilution Buffer.
> Tom.
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