Genotyping with microsatellites

Paolo Tomasi tomasi at wi.mit.edu
Mon Mar 4 14:50:51 EST 2002

Hi all, a question:
has anyone ever done any microsatellite detection either:
1) in an ABI 310 machine with POP-6 (NOT the usual POP-4!);
2) in an ABI 3700 machine with POP-5 (not the usual POP-6)?

The reason I am asking this is that I have access to both machines,
but the POP-4 for the 310 is on back.order (indefinetely!) and the
owners of the 3700 won't let me switch from POP-5 to POP-6 because it
requires one week of calibration (they say).

If there is a good samaritan reading this that could be so kind as to
also email me the answer, if there is one... (to tomasi at wi.mit.edu),
I would be even more grateful!

Paolo Tomasi


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