3700 problems

SMarsh3807 smarsh3807 at aol.com
Sat Mar 2 00:05:10 EST 2002

>Fatal Event %% Hit Compliance Switch
>The robotic arm is getting stuck in the wash trough.

What is happening is that the robot arm is going down too far in the wash
trough. It pushes the tips up and trips the compliane swith in the robot head.
This is a safety feature to to save the tips and prevent the tips from going
through the bottom of the wells. If rebooting the system does not clear up the
problem, you will need to have an onsite visit from your service engineer. It
sounds like either the head is malfunctioning, or oneof the boards is flakey.
Steve Marsh
Director of DNA Sequencing Core Facility at Caltech
(and former ABI Service Engineer)


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