3700 problems

Dr N.I.Leaves nleaves at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Mar 1 09:05:54 EST 2002

What do ABI say?

In the past when I've seen the autoloader tips stuck in the half closed
oven lid we found we had an oven lid problem. The engineers replaced the
lid on our service contract. I dont remember the error code.

Also, try removing all the error logs and event logs, then clean up db,
and reboot both computer and 3700. Check the autoloader tips are still
straight - unscrew them and roll them on a flat surface to see. Then try
again with your plate or better still try a different, new plate.

If no luck then make the service call.

Hope this helps, good luck


On 1 Mar 2002, AMangos wrote:

> We are currently seeing a fatal error.
> Has any user any Quick Fix for this error code
> Fatal Event %% Hit Compliance Switch
> The robotic arm is getting stuck in the wash trough.
> The analyser pierces the plate but does not sample.
> Any advice will be helpful.
> Thanks in anticipation
> Athur Mangos
> Molecular Pathology
> IMVS Adelaide

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