megabace plasmid sequencing

M.Platteel m.platteel at med.rug.nl
Tue Feb 26 09:12:17 EST 2002

We are trying to sequence plasmid DNA the MegaBACE 1000.
In about 50% of the times we get a signal that seems to be
For all the Plasmid DNA samples we use 200ng of DNA (injection 3kV,
45 sec, denaturation before inejcting: 80 degrees C, 1-2 min.).
Amersham tells us that it can't be due to overloading.
Does anyone knows what is really the problem?

Mathieu Platteel

\  Ing. M.Platteel
/  Dept. of Pathology and labmedicine,
\  Section Medical Biology,
/  Laboratory for Molecular Biology,
\  Sequence Unit
/  Tel: 050-3619387
\  M.Platteel at med.rug.nl


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