POP5 to POP6 switch

SMarsh3807 smarsh3807 at aol.com
Sun Dec 22 16:39:24 EST 2002

>Does anyone switch
>back and forth between these two polymers frequently? Any problems?

One Issue to watch for is the Left-right signal variation. The difference
between pop5 and pop6 may cause this to be a more significant problem. Aligning
the instrument in Pop 5 to correct this may make it much worse when you switch
to Pop 6. If you then have it aligned by service in Pop6, it will rear its ugly
head again when you switch back to Pop5. When I was servicing the 3700 I would
try to disuade people from switching back and forth because the instrument
would need to be realigned in each polymer which adds downtime when you switch.

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