Causes of "G" blobs

John jws36065 at GlaxoWellcome.com
Tue Aug 27 14:32:55 EST 2002

Hi All again,

This is somewhat related to my earlier post concerning pH 7 H2O.
Recently, our sequencing facility has switched to a new purification method
to clean out the BDT, etc after cycling.
We've noticed a higher degree of "G" blobs/"G" breakdown in our resultant
One reason given for this is a low pH for the purified reactions.  We
tested our resuspension buffers (provided by the company that makes the
purification kit) and our bottled water (used in cycling) and found that
the pHs of both were lower than should be expected.
Would there be any other possible reasons for seeing a higher degree of "G"
blobs when sequencing?  We're trying to cover all bases here.

Thanks again!



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