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John Weger jweger at ucsd.edu
Fri Aug 23 15:28:47 EST 2002

Research Technician Position at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer
Research, San Diego Branch (UCSD Campus, La Jolla)

Brief description- Working in a DNA sequencing and genotyping core
facility developing and implementing procedures for high throughput and
routine sequencing and genotyping as well as developing and implementing
high throughput genetics methods and interfacing them with the facility.

Duties- The major duties of this position will be to implement
sequencing and genotyping protocols as well as high throughput molecular
biology and genetics methods on robotic workstations. These include dye
primer and dye terminator sequencing protocols, PCR product generation
for sequencing based mutation detection and microarray projects and
fluorescent primer based genotyping.  The types of projects will include
DNA sequencing, large-scale sequencing, genotyping for positional
cloning and clinical/population genetics projects and yeast genetics
projects.  Responsibilities will also include management of projects
including high throughput projects, development and optimization of
primers and organization, and analysis and reporting of data.

Education and experience required- A minimum of a BS/BA degree with a
science major, preferably in the Biological Sciences such as genetics,
molecular biology or biochemistry.  Up to two to three years of
experience operating ABI sequencers and knowledge of dye primer and dye
terminator chemistry and use of Robotic workstations such as Tecan
robots would receive preference.  Interest in robotic workstations and
other types of complex laboratory instrumentation is a positive
attribute.  Working knowledge of Macintosh computers including use of
database, spreadsheet, statistics, DNA/protein sequence analysis, and
genome database search and analysis programs is required.  Experience
with other types of computer systems will be helpful.

Interested persons should forward a curriculum vitae and a statement of
relevant research experience and interests to:

John Weger
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
UC San Diego School of Medicine, CMME 3031
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0660

jweger at ucsd.edu


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