Running command post processing of run on ABI 3700

Matthew Houseman mhousema at ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 20 20:07:17 EST 2002


Is it possible to have the ABI 3700 software automatically invoke a
program when a run is complete much like the MegaBACE 1000?  The
MegaBACE 1000 has a MegaBACE.ini file that allows you to specify a
"Cleanup Command" which could be a shell script wrapper around PHRED.
I already have this working for the MegaBACE 1000 and would like to
use the same methodology on the ABI 3700.  Is there someway that I can
specify a program that should be executed at the end of a run on the
ABI 3700?  TIA...

mhouseman at dna.com

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