File naming and Basecalling on 3100

Martin Hirst hirst at interomex.com
Mon Apr 22 20:21:47 EST 2002

Hello Everybody,

Has anyone seen the blatant error's in basecalling where the peaks are
clearly visible in the chromatogram but are ignored by the basecaller.  This
only happens occasionally in the sequence with the rest being called

Does anybody know a way to specify the name of the directories that the
sequences are written to?  It seems to be only the instrument name as
specified in the preferences followed by the date and injection run ie.

Does anybody know why seq. analysis adds the prefix "Temp" in front of .seq
files.  Is there any way to get rid of it (besides writing another script on
the NT box to do it).

One last question.  Has any one seen a script that would convert NT files to
Mac files on the NT box?  The reason I ask is that I would like convert the
files prior to sending them to the local server which is accessed by Mac's
exclusively (that way the files would not have to be converted by the

Thank you!




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