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> The following is an announcement for a new course in Genome Sciences 
> that will be held at the Marine Biological Laboratory in October, 2002. 
> If you would like to be notified about the availability of application 
> forms for this course, please visit the following WEB site:
> http://protist.mbl.edu/genomescourse/
> Advances in Genome Technology and Bioinformatics.
> October 6, 2002 - November 1, 2002
> Directors:
> Claire M. Fraser, The Institute of Genome Research
> Mitchell L. Sogin, The Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole
> A comprehensive, four-week course in Genome Science that will integrate 
> bioinformatics with the latest laboratory techniques for genome 
> sequencing, genome analysis, and high throughput gene expression (DNA 
> microarrays). A distinguished faculty from major universities, 
> bioinformatic centers, The Institute for Genomics Research and the 
> Marine Biological Laboratory will train twenty-four students including 
> postdoctoral students, graduate students and established principal 
> investigators. This cutting-edge course will integrate a series of 
> lectures with laboratory exercises both at the computer and in a high 
> technology, high throughput facility.
> The major instructional modules include 1) Genome Sequencing (vector 
> development, library construction, high throughput sequencing 
> technologies, principles of automation using advanced robotic liquid 
> handlers, genome assembly algorithms and closure strategies), 2) 
> Bioinformatics (Gene prediction algorithms, annotation, data base 
> construction and searching, phylogenetics and molecular evolution) and 
> 3) Functional Genomics (DNA microarrays, data analysis). In addition we 
> will sponsor symposia in topical areas in genome science. Examples of 
> symposia to be offered include  Advances in genome assembly, Genomes 
> and development, Genome science and environmental biology, Genome 
> evolution, Impact of genome science on Drug design, etc. The breadth of 
> topics in genome science and the advanced training based upon advanced 
> laboratory technology, distinguish this course from all other offerings.

Josephine Bay Paul Center
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015


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