3100 Folder Renaming

Scott Selby selby at mail.ahc.umn.edu
Wed Sep 5 10:47:51 EST 2001

In discussing renaming of the Run Folder Default Name, ABI referred me to
the foldername.txt file in the DataExtractor folder.  It has a PREFIX and
FORMAT field option that is supposed to let you add descriptors onto the
front of the Run Folder's default name (e.g. Run_3100_etc.).  I would like
to rename them using the PLATEID from the Plate Record as the first line of
text in the folder name for each run.  I tried to do it as Tech Support
described (which is also how the file itself describes editing) but it
hasn't worked as far as renaming the folders.  If anyone has experience in
doing this, I'd appreciate some guidance.


Scott Selby
University of Minnesota
Department of Medicine
Division of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Disease
Minneapolis, MN  55455


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