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Subject: RE Sequencing, Genescan and SNAPshot on 3100

To all who are interested,
We have tried running sequencing and Genescan under the same run module but just changing the dye set.  There is no reason why this wouldn't work EXCEPT the run module for sequencing and genescan are very different.  The sample injection voltage for Genescan is 10 times that of Sequencing and as such you would need a very strong product to be seen on a sequencing run (we only just saw out size standard).
In the one Genescan run, you CAN run different dye sets - this works well, we run filter set E5 and D in one run and both work.
Finally, we are using SNAPshot and are successfully using POP6.
Any queries, you can email me on kathy.cox at imvs.sa.gov.au

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