BigDye version 3 vs version 1

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Fri Nov 9 06:13:09 EST 2001

On 8 Nov 2001 11:03:55 -0000, Mark Pickett <map at soton.ac.uk> wrote:

>Just how different are the BigDye version 1 and version 3 chemistries? 

Version 3 has different dyes and, like v.2 a different forumlation
concerning dNTPs and ddNTPs.

>Is it possible to dilute version 3 in a similar way to version 1?

As far as I have heard: Yes.

>Using the Promega "Wizard Magnesil Sequencing Clean Up System" worked ok for
>version 1 but we see a distinct loss of product (esp. smaller fragments
><100bp) with version 3.
>Has anybody had similar results?

Have not tried it, but was told by support, that v3 and v2 enable to
read longer sequences than v1 due to forumlation (see above). This may
result in weaker signals for the smaller fragments.

Hope I could help,
have a nice weekend,

Peter Rozynek
e-mail: rozynek at bgfa.ruhr-uni-bochum.de

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