need help - alignment of sequences

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Hi Sui

Go to 
and 'conversion de formats', 'Convseq'
In 'Format de sortie' you can choose your lovely format

I sugest to everybody the use of the http://www.molbiol.net/   site. 
All for molecular biologists!!!!!!

Nice WE


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I would use ABI Prism's Sequence Navigator, if you have it.
I use it all the time for comparing sequence electropherograms as well as
text sequences.  This is a Mac-based program.  You may need to convert the
files to mac-text.  That is, use SimpleText to open them, and save from

Good Luck

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> Dear sir:
> I want alignment of my sequences. But my sequences is in txt format:
> sequence name.txt, I can not compare them with some software, for
> example, Clustal/Jalview alignment, Can you tell how I can compare my
> sequences or how I can change the format of my sequences?
> Thank you very much.
> Sui
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