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Ulf H Hannelius hanneliu at cc.helsinki.fi
Thu May 17 05:32:34 EST 2001


We would appreciate any comments/suggestions/ideas on what equipment
would be the most suitable if you have an intention of building a
high-throughput mutation analysis lab focusing on SNP analysis. It
should be an as highly integrated system as possible, that is, keeping the
hands-on time to a minimum. The system should comprise at least the
heatblock(s) for running PCR, a capillary sequencer/analyzer and the
robot(s) for handling the liquid dispensing and for moving the plates.
Suggestions about chemistry and software are also welcome. 

An ABI 3100/3700 or a MegaBACE500/1000 are propably the only feasible
choices when it comes to the sequencer. Are there any specific robots
that are more compatible with one brand compared to the other? The
robot(s) should be able to handle quite small amounts of liquids, that
is, PCR reactions measuring 5 ul or possibly even less.

Any comments on any of these subjects would be  more than welcome.

Ulf Hannelius

Departement of Molecular Medicine
University of Helsinki

Email: ulf.hannelius at helsinki.fi

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