Announcing Neurospora Genome Sequence, First Release

Sarah Calvo scalvo at genome.wi.mit.edu
Wed Mar 7 14:50:30 EST 2001

The Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research has made public their
initial shotgun assembly of the Neurospora crassa genome sequence.
While the goal of this NSF-funded project, begun in September 2000, is
to produce fully finished sequence within two years, we are pleased to
make our current assembly available in advance of finishing and

Users can access the data at:


Our initial release offers:
  * Download of the consensus sequence from our initial assembly of the
Neurospora genome
  * Download of individual contigs or portions of contigs
  * BLAST searches against the Neurospora genome

Our next release, anticipated this summer, will include:
  * An updated assembly
  * Correlation with the position of sequenced markers placed on the
genetic map

The genome was sequenced using the Whole Genome Shotgun approach,
similar to that used to sequence Drosophila. Our data consist of over 1
million individual sequencing reads obtained by sequencing each end of
plasmids from a library containing randomly sheared fragments of 4-kb
average size.  The individual sequence reads are assembled into
approximately 1700 contigs whose average size is >20 kb. The average
base in this assembly exists within a contig of 85 kb.

We hope the data prove useful to you and we look forward to feedback
regarding the data and our site.

Best regards,

Bruce Birren, Chad Nusbaum (Whitehead Institute Center for Genome
Matt Sachs (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology),
Chuck Staben (University of Kentucky),
Jak Kinsey (Fungal Genetics Stock Center at the University of Kansas
Medical Center)


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