Strange CEPH control sizing

Justin Hopkins justin.hopkins at kcl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 1 12:11:27 EST 2001


I've seen errors like this sometimes due to to local size calling error.
Although usually the bands appear with unusual spacing (eg between bins),
I have seen bands called exactly 2bp wrong!

If you look at the gel image close up, can you guess by eye what the sizes
appears to be? If it looks to be the right size, try defining a new size
standard using the problematic CEPH sample file. Use this new standard to
re-analyze this sample file, and see if the size is now corrected.

If this was T4 related problem then surely the 1st lane control would be
the same, so most likely is a gel artifact IMO

Should you switch to pig-tailed primers? well I doubt it would fix you
problem below, but they are generally so much better so yes!

Hope this helps,


Justin Hopkins
Cancer Genetics Laboratory
8th Floor, Guy's Tower
Guy's Hospital
London SE19RT


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