BAC study part 1 Closed today

Leviten, Dina dleviten at ICOS.com
Wed Jan 31 11:05:09 EST 2001

The DSRG's study on BAC sequencing Part 1 is now closed.  Please send in all
data, even 'poor' data is necessary to help evaluate this protocol.  To send
in data see this page:

We look forward to announcing the results of Part 1 at the ABRF 2001 meeting
in San Diego, CA.

Part 2 is still open! 

Part 2 of this study will concentrate on the operational steps relating
to the isolation of BAC templates for use in sequencing. The DSRG will
provide all registered participants with an agarose stab of bacteria
containing the standard BAC. Participants will then grow up the bacteria
and isolate the BAC by the methodologies utilized in their respective
laboratories. We request that they send the purified BAC to us for
sequencing along with a completed web form concerning the methods used
in the isolation of this material. The sequencing
results will be analyzed and compared with the information available on
the web form in order to identify practices that correlate well with
high quality sequence. These will form the basis of the recommended BAC
preparation method.

Thank you for participating in Part 1, please turn in data today.  Again, I
encourage all to participate in Part 2.


Dina Leviten
DSRG Chair

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