50 cm capillary for GeneScan on 3100 ????

Chris Bacot bacot at bio.fsu.edu
Mon Jan 22 10:05:06 EST 2001

Dear All,

I'm running an AB3100 in a core facility.  On a weekly basis I exchange
capillaries from 36 cm (DNA fragment analysis) to 50 cm (DNA sequence
analysis).  While this isn't a big hurdle it would be simpler to flush out
one polymer and replace it with the other, without changing the cappillary
array, when switching back and forth between applications.  Does anyone do
this?  If so, what are the caveats, disadvantages and advantages?
Hypothetical as well as emperical considerations are welcomed.

Best regards to all,

Christopher M. Bacot, PhD

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Florida State University			  
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