Using >96 caps

Carrie Sougnez carrie at genome.wi.mit.edu
Thu Jan 11 12:09:53 EST 2001

I am trying to run a 3700 with >96 capillaries.   The ideal situation
would be to be able to run a 384 well plate and another 384 well plate
with 16 samples.   So a total of 98 samples per run.  I set the run
preferences to accept runs of up to 104 samples but the Data collection
software still breaks up the plates into 2 seperate runs.   It does not
do this however when linking two 96 well plates one with all 96 samples
the other with 8.  Has anybody tried this?  and If can someone advise me
on how to trick data collection into thinking that two 384 well plates
are actually 4 runs  and not 8?

Thank you,
     Carrie Sougnez
carrie at genome.wi.mit.edu

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