ABI capillaries

Nick van Holst Nick.VanHolst at flinders.edu.au
Wed Feb 14 21:37:57 EST 2001

> Does anyone have a good procedure for "regenerating" the capillaries for the
> 310.  We get many more runs than the 100 recommended by PE but would like to
> know if anyone has had success with flushing the capillaries to restore
> function once they start to deteriorate.

check www.biotaq.com they sell a 310 regeneration solution. Cheap and works
well, just a pain to do (easy in the machine but you will need to clean the
block etc. in order to do it) I had our engineering people make something
out of Perspex, but it is far easier to do in the machine when it is
available. Queue up all your old capillaries, flush them with the liquid and
then water and air dry (somehow)

there was a previous reference to this in the archives which can be searched
at www.bio.net access the newsgroups and enter the autoseq group and search
using the form there.

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