Signal Strenghts from spatials and 3700 sensitivity

Laurence Hall lhall at megabase.aecom.yu.edu
Tue Feb 13 16:43:36 EST 2001

The following is an extract from recent correspondence I had with AB; I
would be interested to know what the 'world at large' thinks !!

"In particular, I would be interested to know your opinion on the following :

1. Is there a correlation btween absolute signal strenghts from spatial
dyes and the sensitivity of a 3700 in the context of the array yielding
those signals ??

2. Can varying the cuvette temp sometimes affect the absolute signal
strenghts from  spatial dyes and ( potentially ) therefore the performance
of the 3700; I know that elevating the temp can offset the relative
intensity of signal from left to right, which is why we routinely work with
cuvette temp. Of 50C. Is there a case for titrating the cuvette temp in
certain instances to try and find the optimal for running samples ??

3. Have you heard of any instances where upgrading to firmware version
1.2.1 dimishes signal strength from spatial dyes and by implication actual
samples? I know that injection parameters have been altered vwith the new
Incidentally, I am wondering about increased incidences of problems in this
regard, not whether performance under optimal conditions is worse, I cannot
imagine you would release firmware onto the market with such inherent
limitations; Unless this wasn't lokked at !! Feel free to 'Shoot me down in
flames' or what ever, but do comment !!


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