3700 polymers

Bayliss, Stuart stuart.bayliss at csc.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 13 10:16:50 EST 2001

Hi everyone.

I currently run a 3700 in a core facility for both sequencing and genescan
which means I'm restricted to using POP6 as ABI have never 'officially'
released POP5 for genescan use.  

I'm experiencing a huge demand at the moment and would like to take
advantage of the quicker run times, even if only for sequencing....has
anyone done such a 'validation' exercise?  (anyone at ABI care to comment on
this or any future polymer releases?  Sequencing and genescan for us all
with POP5 and any new releases?).

Is there a specific reason not to use POP5 for genescan?

Thanks for any input.

Stuart Bayliss,
Genetics Core Facility,
MRC Clinical Science Centre,
Hammersmith Hospital,
Du Cane Road,
W12 0NN

Tel (lab): 020 8383 3181
Tel (office): 020 8383 8305
Fax: 020 8383 8338
email: stuart.bayliss at csc.mrc.ac.uk
web: http://gcf.csc.mrc.ac.uk


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