Dumb DNA Question

Stodolsky, Marvin Marvin.Stodolsky at science.doe.gov
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While also clueless with respect to the age slowdown question,
the following cautions are relevant.

1) DNA pieces are in a sense mutagenic, since they can get integrated at
random spots in the chromosomes and may thereat disrupt normal gene
function.  This is a recognized cause of some cancers;
2) Foreign DNA (with process details still to be clarified) can initiate
antigenic responses against proteins encoded.  DNA in storage may accumulate
damage -> mutations, so there is a concern that injection with self-DNA
might provoke an immune respond.  When an antigen recognized as foreign is
physically coupled with (the remainder of) a self-protein, antibodies
against self components are also stimulated.  That is their is the
possibility of stimulating an auto-immune disease with self DNA injections.

Probably the dedicated studies of aging processes now in process are the
best way to go, rather than largely blind attempts to try AndDoSomething,
when so much is still unkown.


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I am clueless, so forgive the question:

If at age 25, a DNA sample was taken from a human being,
replicated, stored and given to that person (shots, whatever),
periodically over the next 30 years, would that have any
possibility of slowing down the ageing process?



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