377 non-denaturing gel

Susan S.Newman Snewman at mail.vetmed.lsu.edu
Thu Feb 1 14:21:31 EST 2001

I need to detect DNA fragments which are up to 1200 base pairs in size and
are labelled with 6-FAM or 5-FAM on a 377 sequencer using GeneScan.  I must
use a ROX2500 size standard which requires a non-denaturing gel in order to
size the fragments correctly.  I am having two problems.  The first is that
every gel we pour is filled with very tiny bubbles?  We are using 8.1%
LongRanger with glycerol. We have remade the gel and cleaned the plates
with no improvement.  I am looking for recommendations for 377 run
parameters also.  We have already cooked one gel.

Thanks in advance for any light you are able to shed.

Susan Newman

LSU Gene Probes & Expression Systems Laboratory
Dept. of Pathobiological Sciences
School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA   70803

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