Questions on MWG RoboSeq 4204

Sze Wah Agnes CHAN chansw3 at hkucc.hku.hk
Tue Dec 18 04:36:04 EST 2001


We have recently purchased the MWG RoboSeq 4204 and have been experiencing 
quite a bit of software and hardware difficulties that I don't even know where 
to start telling.

I'm wondering if this is "normal", i.e. the software or its logic is not very 

We're also trying to use different pipet tips and plates (in which the sales 
told us that it's possible) but the pipetting no longer looks consistent.  
Anyone has any idea what's the minimum it can handle with reasonable accuracy?
 We were told 3ul but it wasn't even consistent for us when we tried 5ul.

Thanks for any comments/hints.

One frustrated tech,
chansw3 at hku.hk


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