Wanted! An ABI PRISM 310 DNA Genetic Analyzer

Anne Kihlgren anne.kihlgren at dynamiccode.se
Sun Dec 2 15:00:07 EST 2001

Does anyone have an ABI PRISM=81 310 DNA Genetic Analyzer for sale?
We are interested in both sequencing and fragment analysis (GeneScan) so
if both modules are included would be good. If you only have one of the
modules we are still interested. To minimize the cost for transportation
and customs, it would be great if you are within the borders of the EU,
and preferably northern Europe.=20
Anne Kihlgren
Dynamic Code AB
Tel: +46 13 465 53 21
Mobil: +46 0708 19 16 21
Fax: +46 13 35 39 53
Email: anne.kihlgren at dynamiccode.se

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