Gas in water on 3700 cause contamination?

bmr bmr at cribi.unipd.it
Fri Aug 31 12:27:08 EST 2001


does anyone have heard about problems of contamination among consecutive
wells  (es. H12 contaminates F12 and D12 in a 96 well plate) due to too
gassed water?
The problem appeared at the beginning of this summer with 23-24 degrees
in the lab where there is the 3700.
I have just loaded a genescan plate with sample only in row G and H,
water in the others.
In the gel image I can clearly see samples in all capillaries expecially
primer blobs but also some markers.
Sample from row H can be found also in row F D and B
Sample from row G can be found also in row E C and A

Thanks for any suggestion about contamination among wells

Barbara Simionati

Universita' di Padova


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