BigDye version 3 sequencing kit

Dean Lavelle dean at pgflinux.ucdavis.edu
Fri Aug 10 15:16:53 EST 2001

Hi All,

I've tried the new mobility file on my 377 (TTE, long run protocol) and it solves
the aforementioned problem fairly well although the beginning of my gel seemed to
be garbled more than usual.   The previously miscalled G's, however,  were gone.
The base caller seems to be working as well as it did when I was using version 1 of
the Big Dye Terminator Chemistry.


Dean Lavelle
Plant Genetics Facility
University of California, Davis

the Glenis Wiebe wrote:

> To everyone who has been following the discussion surrounding BigDye version 3
> problems, I just received the following from AppliedBiosystems.  Since this
> discussion has been split between two newsgroups, let me give a quick summary of
> the problem first.  I am running BigDye version 3 on a 377 using 48cm 5%
> LongRanger gels with TTE (Tris/TAPS/EDTA). What I have been experiencing is an
> offset/shift of G's in relation to the other bases (particularly A's) creating
> problems with the base calling.  So anyway, here is the news:
> > We hope that by next week there is a mobility file posted on our website
> >      that can handle these long read gels. Please try with this one when it is
> >      released. You find it on our website:
> >           www.appliedbiosystems.com > services & support > softwaredownloads >
> >      ABI Prism 377 > module files
> >      I presume it will have "LR" in its naming.
> >
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