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James VanEe jiv2 at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 28 08:09:53 EST 2000

   Codoncode sells phred/phrap/consed with "enhanced" value like 
support and binaries/modifications for multiple operating systems.
    http://bozeman.mbt.washington.edu/index.html indicates the 
availability of the source code for the software by request for 
academic use. Admittedly this is an older page, but there is a link 
to it from http://www.genome.washington.edu/UWGC/methods.htm
This is the method I used to acquire the software and it is 
absolutely free for academic research.

Thank you very much for the link to the poster.  It is exactly what I needed.

>Phred-phrap is NOT free according to codoncode.com: prices for non-profit
>Academic users are between 880-920US$ according to operating system version.
>There should be no problems with Licor eseq:
>http://bio.licor.com/Posters/GSA98J/GSA_Abst.html. in addition the new
>software(eseq) is able to convert licor data to SCF 3.0.
>Jannik Helweg-Larsen, MD
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>H:S Hvidovre University Hospital
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>2650 Hvidovre
>email jhelweg at inet.uni2.dk
>phone +45 36 32 35 11
>fax +45 36 37 33 40

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