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Bruce Roe BROE at aardvark.ucs.ou.edu
Tue Sep 26 08:41:09 EST 2000

Anders Gorm Pedersen <gorm at cbs.dtu.dk> wrote:

=> PHRED/PHRAP are very good programs used by many large-scale sequencing
=> centers. They are also available for Windows and Mac (in addition to
=> Linux/Unix):
=> http://www.phrap.com/
=> I don't know what they cost but I suspect they're also kind of
=> pricey....
=> Best regards,
=> Anders

Hi all,
	Just to correct what Anders wrote, the Phred/Phrap programs
are available for FREE to non-profit organizations from Phil Green
and used by many Genome Centers.
	There also is available the Staden program suite, and they are
FREE to non-profit organizations.  Information about the Staden programs,
which also are used at many genome centers, can be obtain from:
	Besides DNA-star, Sequencher is available for both Mac and Windows,
but is a commercial product.  However, you can get a demo version and
other information about Sequencher from:
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