Files from Mac to Pc

gavin gavin at zonvark.wustl.edu
Sat Sep 23 10:16:51 EST 2000

There are several ways to transfer file from a MAC to a PC:

If each machine has a Zip drive (preferably the same kind 100MB or 250MB),
then you should be able to save your files from the MAC to a Zip disk and then
take the Zip disk to a PC and the PC can read from the Zip drive.

If your files are in "ZIP" compression format, i.e. binary, you may need an
intermediate server, like a Unix machine.  You transfer your files from the MAC to a server in binary mode using a file-transfer software (e.g., Fetch), and then transfer
the files from the server to the PC in binary mode again using FTP.

If you are gonna to do this kind of transfer a lot, it is worthwhile to buy a software to
install on the PC so that the PC can read a MAC diskette.  I have "MacOpener," and it
woks pretty well and doesn't cost a lot.  Most of the new MAC can already read a PC diskette.

There is also a way you can directly connect to a MAC from the PC, but it is
somewhat complicated.  It requires the MAC to have and execute NCSA telnet, and
both the MAC and PC must have its own IP address.  Then you can directly transfer
files from MAC to a PC via FTP.

Hope these help more than confuse.


Papilo wrote:

> How can I transfer files from a Mac Computer to a PC?
> I have the Mac files in a ZIP, and I want to copy  the files to a CD, but
> the CD record is in a PC, how can I  copy the files to the CD?


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