Mitochondrial proteins

DAVIDS, L, LESTER, MR lester at uctgsh1.uct.ac.za
Fri Sep 15 05:14:09 EST 2000

Dear All,

I am desperately looking for a very little cDNA of a nuclear-encoded 
mitochondrial protein which has a known mitochondrial 
targeting/presequence eg. Human ALDH. I plan to use this as a 
positive control for tracking to the mitochondria. I would also 
appreciate a cDNA of any known presequence otherwise.

Please contact me at the address below.

Lester M Davids
Lester M. Davids,M.Sc(UCT)
Lennox Eales Porphyria Laboratories
MRC/UCT Liver Research Centre
K-FLoor, Old Groote Schuur Hospital
UCT Medical School
Observatory, 7925
South Africa
Tel. 27-21-406 6519
Fax. 27-21-447 9670
:-) "F>R>O>G!" :-)


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