Primer Design Survey

sam richards-4 at medctr.osu.EDU
Tue Sep 12 08:27:45 EST 2000

To All:

I would like to survey all those who do PCR and sequencing primer
design. I am gathering information for a workshop and would like to know
what you think about primer design so I can put together a consensus of
information.  Please take a few minutes and respond to this survey.
Thank you for your time.

Sam Richards
Ohio State University


1. What guidelines do you use in designing primers?

2. How do you prefer designing primers (i.e. do you use software,
website, or do you eye-ball it)?

3. If you use a website; which one do you use?

4. If you use a software package; which one is it?

5. Are there other design programs that you have used?

6. Is there any additional information that you would like to give about
primer design that is not covered in this survey?


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