3700 problems

Tor Slettnes SlettnTN at appliedbiosystems.com
Mon Sep 11 02:31:09 EST 2000

>>>>> "Phillip" =3D=3D Phillip San Miguel <pmiguel at purdue.edu> writes:

    Phillip>     I'm not the best person to answer, but in case no one
    Phillip> else does I decided to respond. We've done about 500 runs
    Phillip> on our 3700 in foil piercing mode. During this time we
    Phillip> only had one robot mishap--where the loading robot froze
    Phillip> during loading[1]. Because of this, our service engineer
    Phillip> gave us a program that was to be run before data
    Phillip> collection is started called "port off.exe". I was told
    Phillip> it turns off the diagnostic port (whatever that means.)
    Phillip> No problems of this type since then--but this isn't a
    Phillip> large sample size.=20

Actually, this is a strawman.  The "Port Off" utility was a patch for
a incompatability between the 1.1 firmware and collection software
(the collection software would open a particular TCP port to the
firmware, but not listen for events that came back on that port.
Eventually  - after about 8 runs or so - there was a TCP buffer

Firmware version 1.2 does not sent events on that particular port by
default, even if it has been opened.

The Foil Piercing problems are completely separate.  I will forward
this report to the guy who developed the Sample Transfer system.  He
might have some idea of what's going on.


F=E5r i ulvekl=E6r


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