moving ABI files between Macs and PCs

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at purdue.edu
Tue Sep 5 05:25:39 EST 2000

Mark Dowton wrote:

> I download my abi autosequencing files from an ftp site, with slightly
> different procedures depending on whether I am downloading onto a Mac
> (with Fetch) or a PC (with WSFTP).  Once downloaded, the files can't be
> moved between machines and read.  Is there a trick, or do I have to
> download twice, once onto my PC, again onto the Mac?
> [...]

    I'm surprised the Mac to PC transition gives you a problem.
    But anyway, the 3700 sequence analysis CD includes conversion utilities
for going from mac to pc and pc to mac "format". You only see these if you
put your PC sequence analysis CD in your mac.
    Don't want to pay $15000 US for a copy of this software from Applied
Biosystems? As it turns out this is not a problem. Someone smart a AB
decided to provide these utilities for free:


    Some of the older versions of Factura actually only work on files that
have a ".abi" on the end of there file names. At least I seem to remember
this was a stumbling block when I was dealing with this a year ago.
    Tell us if this works. If not, I can dig back through my notes and see
if there is anything I'm leaving out.

Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Core Facility


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