Big Dye Sequencing on 377

Andy Vierstraete andy.vierstraete at rug.ac.be
Mon Sep 4 18:32:23 EST 2000

On 31 Aug 2000 15:38:03 +0100, Phillip San Miguel <pmiguel at purdue.edu> wrote:

>Frazer Murray wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> has anyone else been having trouble with their sequencing reactions
>> lately? I've found I've had to increase the amount of sequencing reagent
>> from 2ul to 3ul (in 10ul total volume) which has considerably increased
>> costs. I've started on a new library but the old one was showing the same
>> problem so I don't think that was the cause.
>> It would be interesting to hear if others had noticed this as well.
>> [...]

I have noticed the same problem : we used 4 times diluted mix, and now I can
only dilute it 3 times, or the signal is to weak.  Maybe PE made the solutions
less concentrated ???


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