3700 Evaporation

Arthur Mangos arthur.mangos at imvs.sa.gov.au
Wed Oct 18 02:36:32 EST 2000

I need some assistance with my 3700, we have just had installed and have
experienced problems with 96 well plates. The 3rd plate gives us many no
reactions - failures , no signal detected from our reactions upon analysis.
It appears that the samples we analyse, that have been redissolved in water
evaporate, and condensation occurs  in the 96 well plate on the side of the
The temperatue inside the 3700 is 33 deg plus or minus 1 deg. whilst running
and 26 deg. when idle.
Formadide dilutions of samples gives us poor resolution after 550 bases
using POP_6.
The control(pGem) reads up to 800 bases with formamide as the diluent.
If any person has suggestions it would be appreciated.
We have removed the perspex cover and installed a small  muffin fan this has
helped the situation, by reducing the Temperature. 
Has anyone used 2-Pyrrolidinone  as a diluent ,and at what concentration and
what length of read do you obtain from your sequencing.
Thanking You in anticipation
Arthur Mangos
Molecular Pathology
Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science Adelaide. Australia

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