Big Dye terminator removal

Tom Knight tk at pasteur.ai.mit.edu
Mon Nov 27 18:17:13 EST 2000

Dave Fruhling <Fruhlid at war.wyeth.com> writes:

> I was recently informed that a new method of big dye terminator
> removal is available.  The method involves placeing a special bead
> into the reaction the terminators bind to the beads and all that
> needs to be done is to spin out the bound dye terminators.  Who
> makes this kit?  Does it work?  has anyone had any experiences with
> it good or bad.

The ad is from Prolinx, 800-PROLINX, www.prolinxinc.com, and the
product is called Rapxtract.  I'd love for someone who has used the
product to post a review.  This is either a very good or a very bad
idea.  I tend toward the latter, but reserve judgement.

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