Jan Karlsson jan.karlsson at plantphys.umu.se
Tue Nov 28 10:04:03 EST 2000

We are now running two CEQ2000XL's, of which one was upgraded from the
CEQ2000 version. Both are performing extremely good in our view. We run
a medium throughput sequence facility. Thus we sequence medium to large
cDNA libraries (or subtractive). We then of course have the same vector
and can use the 96-well format both in PCR and cleanup. We usually
obtain around 700bp with a slightly modified program, one plate/day.
Of course the template quality, as in any sequencing, is essential. If
the concentration is measured correctly and the primer is good then you
will obtain good sequences also. We havent elaborated on getting even
longer sequence reads, but this should be feasible also. We go for as
many sequences as possible instead of longer. To have the machine as a
core fascility is possible if people could decide on designing primers
with about the same melting temp. Then you could run all sequence
reactions in the same plate and use the Beckman protocol for cleanup
(Ethanol prec. in high speed cent), this works very well for us.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.



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