'Half BD' big dye diluent

Justin Hopkins justin.hopkins at kcl.ac.uk
Fri Nov 17 06:13:21 EST 2000


I haven't tried this but have seen an interesting reference about
dilution. I think they made up their own dilution buffer:

Human Mutation, Volume 15, Issue 2, 2000. Pages: 201-203
"Big DyeTM terminator cycle sequencing chemistry: Accuracy of the
dilution process and application for
 screening mutations in the TCF1 and GCK genes"
 P. Boutin 1 *, C. Wahl 1, C. Samson 1, F. Vasseur 1, F. Laget 2, P.
Froguel 1

or maybe you already read this!



Kevin Clark wrote:

> Has anyone tried the diluents on the market that you can add to BigDye
> to reduce the amount of sequencing kit you use?
> Are they any good?
> How little BD kit can you use and does it reduce read lengths?
> Thanks
> Kevin
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