re capillary vs. slab gel, Jim Schupp

Chris Bacot bacot at bio.fsu.edu
Wed Nov 8 14:38:41 EST 2000

<bold>Hi Jim,

I've got a 3100 (since Sept.) in a core facility environment.  The
instrument plays doulbe duty on a weekly basis, i.e. sequencing and DNA
fragment analysis (GeneScan).  My previous instument was a 373 Stretch,
big dye upgrade.  I can highly recommend the 3100.  There are issues with
samples containing low m.w. negatively charged particles (contaminants)
resulting in less than ideal results.  However,  I've been able to
improve our "success" rate by impressing upon user's the importance of
incorporating commercially available clean up kits for plasmids or PCR
into their routine.  Samples can be queued in 2 X 96 sample plates or for
the adventurous at heart 2 X 384 sample plates.  Capillary
electrophoresis time is 2.5 h (16 samples running simultaneously).  Hence
96 samples can be processed in 15 h.  Several details here:  While this
is by no means as fast as a 377 with 96 well upgrade, there are no lane
tracking issues to deal with nor sample loading issues.  (Nevertheless
you can launch collection at 5 pm and have those 96 samples ready for
analysis first thing in the a.m.)  Analysis software can be run at the
same time as Data Collection.  Conversion of raw data to finished
("analyzed") data is almost instantaneous.  Your cost per sample should
be less than on a slab device. </bold> 

<bold>Overall I'm very satisfied with the instrument.  If I had it all to
do again, I would purchase the 3100.

Best regards,

Chris Bacot

Genetic Analysis Facility 

Florida State University


Hello all, 

        Looking for some advice on purchasing an automated 

sequencer/genotyper. We are a small one ABI 377 lab looking to add a 

second machine, thinking about the ABI3100 16 capillary machine. Anyone 

have some feedback on this machine, the megabace 1000 (there is a 16 and

48 capillary machine available from APBiotech now) and the MJ Research 

BaseStation? Concerned about throughput, machine downtime and consumables 

cost. Not considering the LiCor machine due to different chemistries. Any 

feedback would be very useful. Thanks 

Jim Schupp 


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