sequencer comparison

James M.Schupp James.Schupp at NAU.EDU
Wed Nov 1 18:08:31 EST 2000

Hello all,

	Looking for some advice on purchasing an automated 
sequencer/genotyper.  We are a small one ABI 377 lab looking to add a 
second machine, thinking about the ABI3100 16 capillary machine.  Anyone 
have some feedback on this machine, the megabace 1000 (there is a 16 and a 
48 capillary machine available from APBiotech now) and the MJ Research 
BaseStation? Concerned about throughput, machine downtime and consumables 
cost.  Not considering the LiCor machine due to different chemistries.  Any 
feedback would be very useful. Thanks

Jim Schupp
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James M. Schupp
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