ABI3700 memory problem

Pospiech Andreas Solvias AG andreas.pospiech at SOLVIAS.com
Mon May 15 08:09:28 EST 2000

Dear ABI3700 user, 

we are using an ABI3700 for sequence analysis. Altogether the machine works
fine, except that the thoughput on PCs is alittle bit high. Within 1 year 2
PCs crashed irreversible. The ABI3700 could just be rescued by installing a
new PC.  The error message was in both case: 
Buffer filling warning. 
Fatal event: Raw data page buffer overloaded. 
No more memory to restore camera frame data. 
So far nobody even PE Biosystems has an idea what the error message really
means and what happens with the PC. 
Has anyone made the same experience or does anyone know what the problem is
and how it can be solved? 



Dr. Andreas Pospiech

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CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland
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