3700 sequencing

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Sat May 13 16:22:44 EST 2000

"Leviten, Dina" wrote:

> Stuart,
> I have seen 2 reasons for what you describe.  The first is that perhaps
> there are salts competing when injecting--this would mean that all their
> samples tail off.  To fix this, a EtOH precipitation usually does the trick.
> For example, we ran tests on different mini-prep kits and found that Promega
> Wizard Plus preps don't sequence well until EtOH ppt'd, however, the Promega
> Wizard Plus SV preps work fine without the extra step.  (Qiagen work fine).
> [...]

    Do you mean an EtOH precipitataion on your sequencing reaction--or your
template? Wouldn't your dye-terminator clean-up get rid of any residual salt
from the mini-prep?

Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Core Facility


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