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Simon Margerison simon.margerison at cambridgeantibody.com
Thu May 11 08:40:24 EST 2000


Just wondering if I can tap into the collective experiences again. We
have just received our upgrade kits to 96 lane and I have a couple of

How are people loading their 96 lane gels?
Are  you using the step plates?
Are you using 8 channel pipettes ? If so which ones and is there an easy
way to do the sample sheets?
Is anyone using membrane combs? If so which ones and what are your
results like, how is the tracking?
Do you really lose 50-100 bases with the upgrade? Does water loading
actually help with this?

We currently use APB ET terminator chemistry but I've been told that
with 96 lanes it really helps to use the 5th dye as a lane marker and
this will only work properly with Big dye chemistry. Is any of this

Thanks in advance to any answers you can give to any of these questions



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