What plates are used on 3700s?

Ruthellen Miller pipster at pw.usda.gov
Wed May 3 07:13:15 EST 2000


We are just setting up our 3700, and have beenm sequencing abaout 25
plates a week.  We use an MJ Tetrad for our sequencing reactions, with MY
96 well plates.  However, ABI suggests the use of their own 96 well
plates, which do not fit in the MJ machine.  (And we have gotten sporatic
"galial" error when we have tried MJ plates which crashed particular runs
when we tried to use them.

I was wondering what other are using in terms of plates:  96 or 384?  Made
by who?

REcently we have been successful using 12.5% pyrrolidone in water for our
injections.  Our injections are less top heavy because fewer small
fragment are loaded onto the capillary. 


Ruthellen Miller
USDA - Albany


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